Crap I found while shopping…..and I wish I was kidding


So the husband and I are in the market for new dishes. We like the more non traditional dishes, option for square plates in non traditional colors and patterns. We can find quite a bit of odds and outs in our local Big Lots store that fit perfectly with our budget and style. Today we perused our neighborhood Big Lots, for nothing specific, just to see what we can find. Well low and behold we stumble upon this:


WOW great selection of wonderfully non contemporary square dishes, just what we were looking for! Don’t mind if we do!


Seriously this is perfect, we love these, they match PERFECTLY with the dishes we already have, we are SET!  I set to counting out how many we would need, double checking that they match and that none have defects that would render them useless. None to be found and we just could not believe our luck, coming upon these…..that is until we flipped the plate over and saw this: image2OH wait…can’t see that…, how’s this: image2 (2)



Yes, you read that right. This thing that looks oddly like a dish, a plate of sorts, that was placed in the kitchen wares section of the store, strangely enough amongst cups, bowls, and along side it’s round and oval shaped counterparts, is not in fact a dish.

So lets say I were to procure this plate type device, that I decide to purchase this item, and remember found among the dishes, in the kitchen section of the aforementioned store. I eat food off said plate and poison myself. Silly me for thinking that I was purchasing a plate that I would actually use…you know…to eat food off of. I must take a moment to pride myself on my average IQ, because if not for my intelligence quotient, perhaps I wouldn’t be here today to bring you this episode of “Crap I found while shopping”

I closing I will leave you with this and Dogbert says it best:



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