No Sugar Added


Wee bit of a epilogue here:

After my EASTER Sunday binge, I had a raging headache that lasted for a day and a half. I KNOW it’s from the sugar. Ugh so not worth the pain…and I do mean pain! 😖😖

Sisters @ Heart

Hi my name is Dawn and I am addicted to sugar.

Now you might think that this is just some way for me to emphasize to you that I really enjoy sweets, that I am trying to impress upon you just how much I love ice cream, that if pressed I would say that I’m not really an addict.  That the word addict is reserved by those with drug and alcohol problems.  While I agree that those are some serious addictions and yes you are right in assuming that I have not fought that battle. Although I have seen those close to me taken in and devoured by that black hole, this blog post isn’t about the evils of drug and drink. I am no expert in that field, so I will not preach to it.

This is the story about me, my very real addiction to sugar and my…

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